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May 2013
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3 Little Secrets of A Happy Relationship & Marriage

Published : 10 December 2013
We may have noticed certain flaws or weaknesses in our spouse. Before we married, we figured we'd get used to it or we'd get our spouse to change. But, how if we can not? 
Three simple things to be remembered :
  1. The secret of happy relationships / happy marriages is to look to the interests of others, not only to your own interests.
  2. Realized that it's not your job to change your spouse. People change and grow. But the only person you can change is yourself.
  3. Learn to express your feelings & needs constructively. Nagging and arguing get us nowhere and can make us even more miserable.
I was dating my husband for five years & and now we've been married for 10 months. In the first three months of our marriage, i constantly "help" him to change but he never change. So, i think i have to be the first person to make the "sacrifice" for our marriage. I give him freedom to see things from his point of view, i try to listen. I learn to be more adaptive, if he does not want to put his dirty clothes in the basket then I will do it for him. And i also learn to express my feelings & needs in a constructive way, so he can understand me better. And you know what? When you give your spouse the freedom to see things from his / her point of view, you will find that sometimes your spouse is willing to make adjustments.
Image Credit By pictures.4ever.eu
"... in the end, its these small things that you remember ... little imperfections that make them perfect for you."

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